We are a Melbourne based content creation agency solely focused on developing and building your profile with end to end video production, distinctive photographic solutions & social media marketing.

We help you to engage your audience in unique and authentic ways.


Live Performance Recordings:

We capture high quality recordings of bands and artists in some of Melbourne's best and iconic venues. We provide a full end to end service for these recordings with pre-production planning, a dedicated video team, a full Multi-track recording and a sound recording engineer.

These videos have been used by the bands/artists to secure large festival slots, music grants & large viewership online to grow their reach and audience.

Here's the stats for some of our favourite recordings that we've done.

Anige McMahon - Slow Mover || 212,000 views on youtube
Lime Cordiale - Temper Temper || 35,000 views on youtube

Take a look at some of our live recordings:

Angie McMahon: Slow Mover

Lime Cordial - Temper Temper

Polish Club - Money

Hollow Coves

Music Videos:

Combining music, creativity & cinematic film, we've created music videos to help artists/bands connect their music, both visually and with a narrative, to their audience.

Baker Boy - Kids Suprise

Georgia State Line

Live Sessions:

Our signature production series The Shoelace Sessions captures raw & authentic live recordings of artists and bands playing in unique locations, for a well established audience.

The Shoelace Sessions